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There was a time when common courtesy was just that...common. I dont know when it went out of fashon.If I hold a door open for you, i dont expect applause but it would be nice if you said thanks or even just a head nod. When someone stops to let you into traffic, why cant you give them a little wave of thanks. Yesterday i saw an elderly lady limping thru a store while two kids were riding down the islesĀ  in the motorized carts the store provides. I stepped in front of the kids and stopped them. Said the carts were not for play and the lady would appreciate it if she could have one. He told me his mother said it was ok for them to ride around on them. Finally he grumbled something under his breath and gave up the cart. The lady not only told me thank you she thanked the kid.Who just gave her a look and turned and walked away.
I dont have a study to back me up on this. I feel sure there would be less violence in the world if people just had common courtesy.

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Posted on 05:05PM on Mar 10th, 2013
I had forgotten that I wrote that. Must have been upset that day. Thanks for the comment, you are right though. It all starts at home. Kids practice what they see at home.
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